Here is a step by step guide from the Exclusive Pre-booked Store Beta.

This video look at how to get from the splash page to the checkout page. It looks at the store contacts, downloading and keeping people out after you log in.

1.      In the search bar enter your Store Code (i.e. QXGX-DEMO-B).

2.      Click the blue link.

3.      enter the password

4.      each download you have access to will have a square that you can click on. Look for the name that best fits what you are looking for.

5.      click add to cart

6.      When you get the Photo Contact Click Accept

7.      Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each download you want to do.

8.      Click cart in the corner.

9.      Double check what you are buying and what you are downloading.

10.  Click Checkout.

11.  Enter your email.

12.  Only if you are paying, enter your bank card.

13.  Enter your name and address.

14.  Click purchase

15.  Downloaded your images in a zip file

16.  To open a zip file reed more.