You have rights to your image, not just as artists, but simply as people. While anyone can take pictures of you at your shows and post them online, they cannot use them to make money. You alone have the right to allow your image to be monetized. Before anyone can make a profit selling images of you, you need to sign a release form. Otherwise, you have the legal right to sue the photographer for any cent they make selling your image. Our release outlines a list of instances in which we cannot use your image. For example, even after you sign, we have no legal right to use your image for anything promoting explicit nudity or intense violence. Only if you check those boxes are you consenting to those uses.


If you want to sell your image, you will need to purchase the right to use the photos from the photographer. Getting the rights will cost thousands for a good photographer. You will then need to buy the materials required to sell the image. Printing can cost thousands in and of itself. With us, you can get your pictures sold and have them distributed without you needing to pay money. We pay you to do this, and we have no limit to how many designs we print. 

If you would like to get a law student at the University of Toronto to give you a free 30 min consultation on what you are singing with me, you can contact ALAS Legal Clinic. ALAS was founded by Paul Sanderson at Sanderson Entertainment Law

 You can see the model release here