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Founded by Sebastian and his colleagues, We are an online force of music, photography and other media that fans can use to rally and fight for themselves and others in marginalized communities. We are a group of artists that are a rallying point for people who feel left behind. We offer access to live shows and merchandise that markets projects in your community so fans can become part of the movement. We help fans take an active role in making the art.

 Right now, I’m working with artists that believe in this mission enough to help gather the content needed to build a following and contribute to a conversation about accepting and empowering people. As a personal goal, I want to learn about and celebrate cultures and traditions I may not have known of previously

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Portfolios: Dark Fine Art Portraits, Live Music, Fine Art, Ideas of Faces, Barrie at Night, His CV. Click “Sebastian’s Work” in the header for a full list.

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