Founder and Image-Retoucher at Vasoff Music Group 

(We Pay You to Make your Merch, Fashion)

Sebastian Founded the Vasoff Music group with the aim of help launch musicians that are fighting for social acceptance and equality.   Sebastian has spent eight months of R&D in the music industry and knows that physical merch is one of the last ways that an artist can truly make money in the information age. One t-shirt is equivalent to 20 thousand to 30 thousand streams. It can make or break a live artist's carrier. It also has serious cash flow problems. To make a shirt that people would want to buy even if they did not know the band takes two things. Visual design and quality garments. To pull this off anywhere else's costs you $300 to $420 per design if you want to make $11 to $5 a shirt. Try doing a line of 10 shirts and do the ugly math.  We are offering unlimited designers for free we pay you. We will also through in free we design and high-end photo-retouching.  We have access to our manager's rick barker.