Opening Zip Files ON a computer  

Once you download  on to a PC or Mac you will have a zip file. On a windows computer, you must right click and extract all.  On mac and only on a mac you can double click on the zip file to get the file you need. 


We use a file type called .zip which puts multiple images into one file. Not all phones can open .zip files without a third party app. Some newer phones can do this on their own however all android and iphones can do this apps like these. If the app does not work then restart your phone.

Android App 

Here are Instructions on how to use the app.for Andriod


Apple products app

Here are Instructions on how to use the app for apple products

To find tour images Navigate to Photos  - Albums - Camera roll



To see what the  checkout process looks like , without  your own credentials, you can use the world  demo  as the   log in code and Password. This will allow you to log in to a fully made account. 

Here is the link to go back to the  Login Code  page.