Designing Thought 21: Mathematics and the truth of Creativity

The fact is that math is an applied art; the truth is that math is a fine art.


The act of creation is the moment we let go of logic and embrace identity.   

 The equation to creation is by definition undefined it is a logical fallacy.


All you can do let that breakdown become chaos and then static

 Like any white noise, you can do is a daydream

 Like any dream, all you can do is see yourself

 The heat is where the true equation to the world

 The fact is the universe can be described by logic and by perspective

Designing Thought

Truth vs Reason

Reson is abstracted truth

Just as Truth is abstracted Reson


There is no such thing as the impossible

Only the inability to reckon with ones own image


It is only after we see the reflection of physics,

when we look past are perception of what can be.

What we can know of universe is abstracted self

Just as what we can know of  self is abstracted universe

Turns Black when the Oil Runs Out

Although once the aged oil lamps

that light street with whale

burn the old way onto the night.

A city that has the blood of gold

turns black when the oil runs out.

And now

The city lives on not gold or silver but copper.

The arteries of the modern world

bleed not just the whale

but every living thing

that can not out run the

the death of nature.