Project Faces

As I write this, I am thinking about many things I want to say about this city. Barrie has a lot of unique opportunities. But it also has some real problems. As an artist, I care about the quality of this city’s downtown, for all walks of life. Over the next couple of months, I want to work on a blog that will show the downtown, as it is. The blog will not just be my opinion, but what the downtown core is seen as from the eyes of people who walk it. From politicians to artist, and from addicts to venue owners. I want to see what the same few streets mean from radically different socio economic people.  I want to see what innovative ideas are being worked on; I want to know what is working for some people and what others think need to be changed. I want to know what people have not seen downtown and what people already love; what are considered to be, condemned or to be celebrated. 

Edited by Julie Mann.