Emerging Artist Program by O.M.C.I. (Ontario Music Co-operative Inc) Reflections: part 1

It was nice to be apart of the Emerging Artist Program by  O.M.C.I. (Ontario Music Co-operative Inc) for it’s pilot year. I shot a lot: I covered live busking, rehearsals, and then the final concert. I got to work with tons of amazing artists. These guys produced music that moved me on a daily basis. We had rock singers, a girl with musical theater, a French horn player who also played the guitar and so much more. I found people my age that cared as much about the arts as I do; it showed in their art. I remembered moments of happiness, stress, achievements, and inspiration, on and off camera. I am looking forward to working with management to send photos to you about the arts. Stay tuned.

Edited by Julie Mann.