New Year’s Eve 5: Pride and Circumstances

The first thing I did when I got downtown was to go to the city's show to say high to the opening band. I was frustrated that I did not get the gig. More so than I would like to admit. The rain was terrible on gear that night, and the photographer that did shoot was not allowed on the stage. I feel sorry for him as he was stuck outside in that weather all night. He is a great guy and photographer whom I have much respect for in the wedding world. He can shoot, and we were joking about getting and not getting the gig. I hope I was not too harsh on the guy. He has a great sense of humour. We both were commiserating about the weather. Looking back on it, I was too rude about it with the city staff when I tried to talk to them about not getting the gig that day. I learned that I have pride in being the photographer. It is my identity. A lesson I need to learn to be a better photographer is humility. I thought I had learned it. However, I guess I was wrong. I am trying to force myself to address arrogance where I am learning I have it.