New Year’s Eve 4: Why I Work With Artists, The Common Story

The reason I work with artists is that we are cool or that we have fans. It is not to look cool at a party. The mind of a professional artist, and I have worked with many artists, is a mind that needs to get ideas out all the time to be sane. We create a ton of great content, to help others see what humans go through, and to help process what we are going through internally. Living with the need to create to stay sane is something most fans do not get. I say this from personal experience and from what successful artists have told me. I try to talk to people in the crowd, and I am lost for what to say. I could tell them in the image of the blog post; however, there on the floor, I am lost.

People run around the musicians and compete for a meet and greet. If you could say one thing to someone who made you feel not alone in a song what would it be? Why does it mean so much to you? We all have our answers, and that is crucial and wonderful.

We connect to art in a way that we connect to a close friend even when we feel alone. As an artist, I can talk to someone through my art in a way that I cannot ever do with a close friend. I feel alone, and I would love more close friends. The people that communicate like me, other artists, tend to be stigmatized as someone who cannot be vulnerable, who cannot be and must be a perfect sex symbol. All anyone at a concert wants to do is be themselves.

The reason I work with artists is that I can be myself and share my experiences with them.