Structure for FACES Photo Shoot Project

I have been asked about the process that I go through when shooting for the FACES project. Here are the steps I go through:

1.    I write five emotions down on paper. I get the model to choose one, but not tell me the one they chose.

2.    I get them to pose for a head shot, so that they can portray whatever that emotion means to them.

3.    With them still not telling me what the emotion is, I ask them to change specific parts of their face to what I think the emotion is that the model is portraying.

4.    Once I am done rearranging the facial expression; I light it, shoot it and then edit it.

5.    At this point I ask the model to tell me what emotion they were portraying and what they saw in the image.

6.    Then I post the image with a write up on how my interpretation and Image of the face differed from what they were portraying.

Edited by: Julie Mann