Autism: On Sexual Understanding: Part 2 More General Idea

After a week of reflection and talking to people, I trust about how the social context of the situation I wrote. I have been assured that I did not do anything wrong. Moreover, that as soon as she ended consent is stopped. I will not go a further in the specifics I want to talk about broader issues. As a feminist, I feel very strongly that we need to give a voice to all people and that we all need to feel safe. This only happened though conversion. As someone how has the sexual experience and undertaking of someone much younger than me, it is challenging to navigate a world of people my age that have much more knowledge in the area. We need to take a look at how to be host about how we feel with another whether it is romantic or in any other part of life. Lots of people struggle with mix messages. As someone with ASD, I am still learning much of what is common knowledge to people my age.