Face: 60 For you in my class; This Is Why I am Socially Quaky — I What You To know how I fell about Friends and significant others.

If you are ar in my class at school no that there is smoothing, I have meant to tell you all for a long time. It is hard to say it. I wish that one of the many girls I have talked to could see what is going on in my head. I can talk to you about the many original ideas in my head. However, no one seems to be able to follow. It fell isolating. I can talk to you about having High Functioning Autism however then People talk to me like I am 5 years old. If I need to be patient with most people and wait for them to teach up then seeing them assume the need to slow down for me is jading. I see all the time in my personal life people assuming I am an idiot and to a certain extent proving that I do not work. It can come through subconsciously in how I talk to you at school. I am sorry if it makes me look like a no it all. I am quirky, and there is no way around that. I see you hear the world Asperger’s and be nervous about an outburst. I assure you I will not have a tantrum on you if you call me out on something. If anything I ask you to call me out. How can we move forward as a society without open and hard conversations? Never go easy on me. If you are lucky enough to be able to think me out, then I want to learn from you are not pampered by you. Real growth comes at the edge of what we know. I am not looking to be a player or to talk to many girls though I can see how It might look that way. What I want is a single friend that the campus. I have many business contacts however not many friends. For me trying to ask anyone to hang out after school has the same level of anxiety that most people would get trying to propose to their partner. Yes, I would like a girlfriend like any guys. However, I have no idea how to tell when A girl likes me back. I am way was the most people at that. I have tried to flirt with people, and it never goes well. Not for bad intention but because I can not read the signal people give off. I try to have coffee on any relationship friend of the signage partner. However, it is easy for me to lose my sense of self-worth on the matter. ­­I wish that I could say that I could be a friend or even partner to the average person. My experience is that that leads to breaking down of communication. I have always been on the outside of most peoples social group. I have also been on the inside of people changing the social norms. Being on the inside and outside is not because I want to look cool but because I want to be me. I person how will never really fit in. Not fitting in is why I have had so much luck shooting music and successful arts. None of us fit in. I want to know people that want to change the world. If you want to know more about daily struggles and opportunity with ASD I have a project of that. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.