Even With a High Abstract and Academic Reasoning, i Still Need Home Support

I live with some basic supports. I can do high-level abstract thinking fine. I can relate to elite academics socially. I can network and collaborate with corporate, political and industry leaders exceptionally. I have a way higher level of creativity than most people; that creativity comes with real costs. I need to take medication to keep the creativity from turning into psychosis. On an everyday level, I struggle to organize my thoughts and my home. I forget my things everywhere. I space out and do not trust myself driving. Cleaning my apartment is very challenging as in involves taking my digitized ideas an organizing them. I struggle with organizing things that are not photography based. For these reasons and more I live with social support. The workers often misinterpret their role as needing to help me understand stuff. That is not the issue, if anything the source of my weirdness is that I understand more than most. One thing I do understand is regardless of the attitudes of certain front-line workers, I need the support. I wish many people across disciplines and social stances understood what I needed.