Being Autistic and Trying to understand Intimacy part 1

As someone with autism, I struggle with what most people find intuitive about social skill by trial and error. I try to learn through stories. When it comes to intimacy, I am years behind. I tried to find a new story to learn from, so I am looking at romance movies. I can understand stories even if I can not understand how people socialize. All I want to see in a friend or a girlfriend is someone I can communicate with openly and someone who is not put off by the real me. I work with some leaders in the city and around Ontario, and I still live with social support. I do not need anyone to explain anything to me. I find it hard to organize myself. Being diagnosed with an IQ in the top 2% of the population, being autistic and bipolar. I have an imagination more active the most people would be able to handle. I can out think almost anyone I meet. However, I can not remember where my house key is or keep my art organized. This makes it hard to talk to people about one day living together when I cannot talk about where I live.