Learning not to Physically Channel My New Found Inspiration Earise

I was in the car swaying an shaking my head. My dad asked me if I was OK. I was worried because seizure-like symptoms are not common for me. The truth is as I am on fewer meds, my creativity goes up. I was lost in a blues song that I was coming up with on the spot with the new vividness of this sensory inspiration. I was lost in imagining being at a piano playing the song that I was coming up with on the spot. I can not yet experience these daydreams without looking more than spaced out. As I was walking in downtown Toronto, some people gave me a weird look as if they thought I was going to do something dangerous. As much as that performed assumption is fundamentally unjust, it is something I would like to avoid. This creativity is more acute than when I was on more medication for bipolar disorder.