Paradox: People Need to Baby the Minds of Innovators

I have been told that to be successful I need to learn to adapt my ideas to my teacher’s requirements. While to a certain extent you need to be able to base your product on what your client wants, you also need to be able to show the people you work for something an order of magnitude better then what they have seen before. Some people have a problem with this. They are not the people that will be leaders of tomorrow.

I get frustrated when someone in education tells me that my atypical ideas are not what fits the box of how things are currently thought about; when I am told that this is a product of my inability to adapt to what society expects me to be. Furthermore, I am told that I could consider a program that is designed for people who can cognitively handle the workload of a community college. I find this type of attitude very frustrating, as there are real problems in this world, problems that I have answers to and that I can explain to people.

Everyone has answers that everyone else needs to hear. The weirdest ideas often have the most benefits. We need to teach everyone to think of solutions to questions that have categorically different foundations than the original premises. This is called innovation. It’s tiring, how so many people think that because you have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you need help to function. It helps me to remember that ignorance is not synonymous with arrogance.  

Edited by Gregory Shanahan