Bipolar Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome on Creativity Part 1: Asperger's

The idea of creativity I am defining is the ability to go from one idea to another seamlessly unconnected thoughts easily, all while being able to map this idea to imaginary sensory experience. In the following paragraphs I’ll go on to talk about aspects of my internal experience that I attributed to this diagnosis. No matter who you are, you can practice fine tuning your experience to have some creative insights.



Let’s start by talking about detailed orientated thinking. If you start with details you can move from one detail to another, and as long as you do not go through the main idea you, by definition, you can go to a new idea. The need to understand that the the topic can be looked at not just as how focused you are but how you associate your new findings with a range of relevant ideas. You need to challenge your own idea of what is relevant. The idea of stimulating your sensory experience can come from processing that experience. It can take the form of visualization and express through other scenes. The act of doing what most would not normally be done, is a mind set. The process of embracing the quirks of individuality can be freeing in ways most people construct thoughts.