The Sleep Crisis Part 2: The Story of Asking a Doctor for Help

On October 27, 2018 I walked into the emergency room. This is the story of what happens to one individual who was trying to prevent a crisis.

It is my fault that I did not see my psychiatrist in October. I missed the emails. I needed to see someone as my condition was getting worse. I got to the point where I went to Royal Victoria Hospital. I was in a mental place where I needed to see a psychiatrist, as I was struggling to make it to the OTN appointments I had booked with my psychiatrist. That was my fault.

I walked in to the ER and told them that I was sleeping 18 hours a day, that my mood was low, and that I had no energy when I was awake. I was on the road to self-harm and that I would need to be in the full mental health crisis word soon. I told them that as a self aware citizen I needed help to avoid ending up there.

The triage told me to go the semi-acute waiting area. I was seen quite quickly compared to what I experienced in the past. The nurse told me that the doctor would do an assessment. The MD came in and told me that he did not have the expertise to do anything with my meds.  He sent for a crisis worker. She told me that she would advocate for me to see a psychiatrist, although the power of what would happen next would lie in the hands of the MD. The MD came back and told me it would be a waste of his and the hospital’s time to help me as I was not in his mind, “ill enough.”  I walked out to the triage in case I needed to check out, but then they told me to go back to the room where I was being seen. The MD told me again to go. He wrote on a piece of paper that I should see someone and that school should give me a break because I was not healthy enough to do the work.

While I was there he told me that if I really felt I needed a lower dosage, he stated that “it is a free world,” and that I could self medicate.

Edited by: Julie Mann