AUTISM AND NETWORKING PART 3: Networking and the Need to Make Friends

It is true that people with Asperger’s/autism find it hard to make friends. It is true that people who are in business find it hard to meet exceptional contacts. The connection between these two statements are that I, as a man on the spectrum, can meet people who think differently than people who think typically. I relate to people who think differently. I can make a more meaningful connections with atypical individuals. For this reason, many business contacts who are doing exceptional things become my friends.

 The people who stand out from the pack in business, has created something of much higher quality than anyone else. To do this you must build something that no one else is doing. The type of person who does new and different things, who can implement massive changes, are often the ones who were/are bullied by the kids in school for being different. This kids are often outside of the hierarchy at a young age, will often look like a kid with no friends.    

For people on the spectrum networking can be a god way to make friends. It can be a way to meet like minded people that are full of ideas people like me want to be around. For this reason work can be a social a place. People on the spectrum find it next to impossible to put down their craft to make friends. There is a lot of presser by parents and the system to put down our obsession, to make friends. This involves leaving what we live for. Why not make a friend that will spend all day doing what we do. That is call networking.

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Edited by: Julie Mann