Asperger's and my Circadian Rhythm


All my life I have tried to wake up in the morning without help. Some would just call me a night owl. The truth is I even if I go to bed at an insanely early time like 9:00 pm I still do not get up much earlier time then if I Stay up until the early hours of the morning.  For this reason, I shoot a lot of nightlife stuff. I take meds for bipolar disorder and they knock me out at night. As they were off during the day I get more and more alert. I have been on many different meds since grade 2 when I was diagnosed with bipolar. Regardless of what med I was on at any one time I always struggled with waking up. I do not know how much is the Asperser’s and how much is bipolar. Form when I wake up until noon I am a mess. Thought the evening and night am extremely creative. In short, the longer I am awake the less tired I am. I keep getting more awake until I take my meds and crash.