To Reason With Geometry (Perspective, thought and Facts)

 I disagree with you would be vector as it is a perspective. What we agree on is a single point as it by definition an idea that our individual perspectives are built on. Let me unpack that statement. I see the world conceptually though geometry. A vector has direction were as a scalar does not. When you have a perspective you are going form one idea to another in a very specific order. You are taking objective facts and relating them in an order of relevance to you. I see facts as 0 dimensional points. It has a absolute place in the universe that cannot be broken up in to smaller ideas. I think of what is outside of conscious mind as these points. I also think of ideas inside our minds as 3 dimensional shapes made from these points. Ideas have an infinite number of ways to brake them down and rearrange them into other idea.  You can break down a idea infinitely past the realm of mortal understanding eventually arriving at a fact, a 0 dimensional point. Taking those facts, you can and reordering them to make other perspective.