I need for the Body Image to be about Personality not Sex in Photography

I was a class last week where I said to the group that one or the group members would bake an interesting person to a portrait of. The room immediately sexualized that comment even though it was not meant that way. This post is a critique of our public view of the role of a portrait and how we view understanding someone visually. As a photographer, I am fascinated by how people look. It to not whether anyone body is better than essence another of even about the body at all. Everyone had the essence to them which is infinite time more important. We know this however we still use images to show the physical and even sexual over the identity.  Yes, it takes more skill and understanding to capture the essence of an individual. The role of a professional photographer understands how to capture the intricacies individual and collectives that are shaping the world in any way. This is a far cry from anything sexual however the industry and the North American culture muddles this distraction, unfortunately.