The Tree of Jung's Shadows

Carl Jung said “the routs of the human shadow reach all the way to hell” The shadow refers to the dark evil side of us. I would rephrase this. I would say evil is the seed of a tree of which the trunk is the confusion of fact truth. The fruit of this tree is a human shadow. This structure comes us in literature in all sorts of ways. Form the development of characters to the arrangement of semiotics. An example of this structure is the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. I will the calm weather this ever happened or not in history. I will say that the story is a physical map of the human shadow and its place in the border psyche. As a child as you learn your own personal original sin, the act of losing innocence, you taste your own shadow and loss the place of article bliss. It the act of showing us your own psyche and its place in the world that make stories so compelling.