Narrative: Part 1 Identity Communication and Art

 The narrative is how our life stories come through in any given moment. It is in the realm of the novel not the realm of the essay. It is our contribution to the institution of thought. Native is a growing structure that is a complex and delicate as life itself. When we make the mistake of ignoring this change, our relationship with our narrative can grow brittle and brake. Life, like narratives, can grow back even whey we brake it, as long as we give that identity attention.  We build our identity on where our native has unfolded so far.  This expression of our narratives is how we relate to art and why we spend so much time with art and propaganda.  When creating art, we need to focus on connecting with the audiences narratives we do this by using: empathy, intimacy and personal dialog.  We start a conversation between our narrative and theirs.