How to Use Emotion to Imagine Technical Innovation

Creation is an emotional process, not a technical one. To create something new you must, by definition, breach the wall of expertise. You can create only the essence of the mundane, slightly rearranged, by relying on your technical knowledge. To create something people need, you need to ask what you need. Need is an emotion we get when we cannot imagine life without something. It is about the deepest parts of out primal mind. You can explore need without trying or knowing. Just look at passion and why you are passionate. When you make a passionate act, you dig down into your subconscious needs.

 To create something that is new and what people need, you must draw from what you need in your life.  Let your emotions guide your imagination. This can be terrifying, but allow yourself to play. As you drift in your imagination, do not just deduce what the creation will be.

Edited by: Julie Mann