An Exercise in Creativity and How Technology Affects Jobs

While many of us look at future work as something running away from technological obsolescence, we should be looking at ways to design jobs built on that very technology. A job is a way of creating something. New tech does not just change what is already created, it provides categorically different ways of approaching problems. We will always have problems worth solving.    

Try to think of a challenge at your work place that tech poses for workers.  Now think of what the tech can do for an inefficiency in your industry. Once the tech is implemented you can still imagine the way that the old job helped the world. You have two seemingly unconnected ideas; one, a world with the tech and two, the world without it. Now ask yourself, how can these ideas go together in a way that they have not before?

The answer may not be either of the original ideas, but as long as it includes a use for the technology in question, you have come up with is the foundation for a new job that will be needed in your line of work.  

Edited by: Julie Mann