Why You Combined With Your Art is a Million Times More Effective then Propaganda

You see great art never sell. You see propaganda take like wildfire. Where is the ethical line between leading with your work and being your work? There is not one. The conflict has been categorically restated to move for looking at sales as propaganda to sales as art. You see when you make something that is logically impressive however not part of your sole that people will not see value in it.

On the contrary, if you are true enough to your identity in what you make. people that can relate even in on a subconscious level will want to get to know you. If they can do that though you work they will. You can make something that embodies you however if you do not embrace that work in you-you relate to people they will not see how itis a part of you. You can move people with propaganda. However, it will only ever be an artificial and empty relationship. Even in s sea of people propaganda will only ever level you alone.