Taylorism in the Age of AI: Part 2 — The institution of thought Dancing with Technology

Taylorism was made popular in the Ford Motor Company. Taylor and Ford were changing the socio-monetary structure of the time. Taylorism was not about conforming to a century of economic and educational tradition. It was the exact opposite. Taylor took the current structure of how people worked in hierarchies and stepped completely outside. He challenged the institution of thought, however post-Taylor it stayed stagnant. Stories are meant to morph and evolve. The lack of growth in physical instructional structuring does not match the impacts made by technology. Technology and the institution of thought are in a constant dance, always adapting to one another. Taylor’s ideas of making an efficient workplace are more relevant than ever. The institution of thought needs the ability to think categorically differently more than ever to keep up with technology. We need to keep open communication between classical Taylorist ideals and modern technological reality. The conversation between these two socio-psychological forces takes place in art and propaganda. To choose art over propaganda, we need to have acceptance and openly talk about how to challenge classical Taylorism in modern needs for efficiency.