Designing Thought 31: You Should not go Into Art. If You are a Successful Artist, You will not Listen to Reason

When I was in grade 10, I went to the Nova Scotia Drama Fest. It a three-day acting class. The teacher told us he should tell us not go into the arts. He went on to say that if we were the type of person who would be successful, we would do it anyway. He finished by telling us that we should not do it. At the time I planned to be a math professor. I thought of the arts as something to vent thought and something I would only do as a hobby. I thought to myself that I needed a real job. At that point, I thought Math was my true passion. Well, life happens. I went through the hospital and started finding happiness in photography. I see many people go into photography in college wanting to be famous. I saw this in aspiring musicians. That was never me. I find when I am not making art that my mental health deteriorates extremely fast. Making art keeps me alive both metaphorically and literally. It is my lifeline to a somewhat normal life. If you are going into the arts, do not. If you are going to be successful, then you will not listen to my last sentence.