Why We Should Not Choose Between Grey Thinking and Black & White Thinking Part 1

The world needs imagination to envision a better future; we need the logic to get us there.  A lot of popular thought in the humanities has progressive ideological principles. The STEM fields have definite plans for the future. However, just like the modern left and right political wings, logic and idealism are growing increasingly exclusive. The need to choose between the world of definite and ethics is baked by the social norms.

We need to learn to draw from both grey thinking and black and white as an individual, if we want to design for the future. The act of creation has repercussions and by properly implementing those repercussions are greatly expanded. To have impact you must imagine and see the logical trickle effect of your ideas.  Looking at it in exact terms however, lets you understand the human experience of what you are building.  

This is not an extensive list of the interplay of grey thinking and black and white thinking. I would add that learning to think both ways as citizens would help with the world and local conflict as well, and also give more power for critical conjecturing.

Edited by: Julie Mann