DESIGNING THOUGHT 23: Marketing and Artistry Part 1

There are many parallels between selling a product or service and creating an effective piece of art. In both, you are allowing the viewer to make the first move. You see, when a photographer shoots a great image it is their view that projects a story onto it. The power of suggestion is already in the visual grammar. However, it is not forced on the viewer. This process of letting the viewer or buyer invest in the product or image instead of feeling sold to comes to from a mindset. You want to lead with your observation of the piece. You want to allow the images you see in your mind to develop organically. It should come to you, not you to it. A good way to do this is by daydreaming, or by emptying your mind and letting the images fill It.

In the same way, you should let the product come to your conversation instead of the conversation going to the product. This can be done by letting the customer build their case for what they desire. You should set subliminal foundations for the case. If they need your product or like your image, your style of communication should only permit them to feel what they have always felt.