Why Daydreaming Should be Taught in School

At all levels of education we are taught to think rationally and analytically. We do this however, at the price of imagination. Yes we need to be taught to listen but the core of innovation is realizing what a fantasy was until the point of creation. You should listen however, act only in the context of the visions you have for a better world. How can we turn the epitome of learning into a concrete vision for the future? The answer is fine tuned imagination. Learning to do so turns into imagination. Our planet needs as much imagination as we can get.

How do we fine tune imagination at the all levels of education? Daydreaming. Daydreaming is the act of losing focus on the present and being lost in your imagination.  We daydream when our realm of imagination is better then what is around us. This may not be what most teachers would like in a classroom, but It is right on when it comes to where the world is at. We need to value what are planet could may be over what we have currently as adults.

Edited by: Julie Mann