Letting go of Technique: Part 1 — The Piano Without a Musician

Let me start this post by saying I have no musical training and I am not a professional musician. I have a piano that I play just for fun. For someone with zero technical knowledge of music I think I can tell a story with the piano OK. A few minutes before writing this post I sat down at my piano. I closed my eyes and had no conscious idea were my hands were. Half the time I did not even play the cord I meant to. Surprisingly, it sounded OK most of the time. By playing with my eyes closed, I let out my subconscious mind that deals with stories and truths. Check out this post on what I mean by truths. It let me forget the little knowledge of major and minor cords I had. I could focus on telling the music. That experience of being at the mercy of what my subconscious guessed, let me learn more about being an artist. It is a good photography exercise.