The Need to Write Your Truth

People argue over the purpose of the Bible, the fairy tale and the modern add what you can not argue: that the human and the story are two intertwined entities. Storytellers look into the hearts of us all and show us who we are. It delves to the core of what makes us human and what makes us love and hurt, live and die. I was watching a move on Netflix showing the passing of a young person. They showed her skating into the sunset with her boyfriend after leaving the house with him. The symbolism of leaving us behind however still feeling to be with the love of your life is more than a plot, it is a human truth. The power of a story can be tempting to use for self-profit. Yes, we need to make money as an artist to live ,however we need to remember that as humans what we share with other humans is the reason we make money. We will all move down that frozen path. We will skate with the stories we tell and live. If you write stories that tell what you see in people, you will skate with them. If you manipulate people you will walk alone.