Interview Opener

Creative Hearth-Artists Navigating Genuine Eudemonia

This will be sent to any artist once they agree to be Interviewed.

Written by: Sebastian Vasoff

Edited by: Julie Mann

Please read.

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. I prefer to use email than social media so that the virtual content still remains the property of the artist. After the interview, I will send you the finished written piece to check before it becomes live. Once you have agreed for the piece to go live, then it becomes my property, but you can still use it for whatever you want.  

The interview will be a conversation on your experience as a person and how you as an individual celebrates your identity though art. It is your time to talk about how mental health and other differences you may have impact your art and the work you do for your fans and/or friends. I will guide you through the conversation to whatever extent you want. This is about your world not mine and there are no wrong answers.  

If you are part of a group that I’m interviewing, you and the other interviewee or interviewees may be together physically or connect by email. You should all use separate device though when answering questions.

Once I send you a question you may take as long as you need to give an answer you are satisfied with. I may take a few minutes myself, to respond.  If you wish to break for more than five minutes that is totally okay, but I ask that you inform me. I could potentially take more the five minutes to respond to your answer. Ideally, I would like to keep the conversation going efficiently and quickly as possible.

Your work will be edited to fit with a paraphrased reflection on the ideas we have talked about in the interview. It will be clear when it was you and when it was me talking. This content will be sent to a professional editor for grammar and spelling corrections.

As soon as you are ready for the conversation to start, reply to this email so we can start the interview.