Backstage: The Truth About Quiet Contemplation

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People think being in the green room as a photographer is about something it is not.­­­ You are there to ­be quiet. Photography does do not make a sound. The green room is a spiritual place where people do not have to worry about the public judging. It is a place where people make art. Being with the artist behind closed doors is not about partying or being famous; being the photographer is all about interpreting the dialogue between artist, art, and the self-expression it implies. Anyone will open up and express how they feel when they are surrounded by people they trust. Musicians have to be on stage. That is different because they can control that art, and you hear it from the music, not just them. A photograph is the same way. You are all there to share a moment of quiet contemplation and come to an understanding of the arts personality no matter how to load it is.