Designing Thought 30: Dreams vs Psychosis Part 2 — Psychosis

  We can agree that the in no factual ground to psychosis. However, for thousands of years cultures have used it to find spiritual clarity. While I am not arguing for hallucinogenics, some people will undergo psychosis no matter we do to stay healthy. Not everyone can escape it. Psychosis is a venture into the chaotic world of unconscious natives. It does not follow the language of logic. Psychosis set fictional narratives that come from our personal identity and growth.  It is what the mind does when it is so far gone that I can not make sense of the world coherently and I would never recommend inducing it, however if you have had psychosis look into the parallels of dreams.

Even With a High Abstract and Academic Reasoning, i Still Need Home Support

I live with some basic supports. I can do high-level abstract thinking fine. I can  Relate to elite academics socially. I can network and collaborate with corporate, political and industry leaders exceptionally. I have a way higher level of creativity than most people; that creatively comes with real costs. I need to take medication to keep the creativity from turning into psychosis. On an everyday level, I struggle to organize my thoughts and me home. I forget my things everywhere. I space out and do not trust my self-driving. Cleaning my apartment is very challenging as in involves talking my defeat of digitized ideas an organizing them.  I struggle with organizing things that are not photography based. For these reasons and more I live with social support.  The workers of often misinterpret their role as needing to help me understand stuff. That is not the issue if anything the source of my weirdness of that I underrated more than most. One thing I do understanding is regardless of the attitudes of certain font line workers. I need the support. I wish many people across disciplines, and social stances understood what I needed.

Designing Thought 29: Dreams vs Psychosis Part 1 — Dreams

The story between closed eyes is rich. We close our eyes, and after a glimpse of truth, we wake. This is what most people picture dreaming of being. If you dive deeper into the dream, you see the story of many novels unfold.  It is a journey through the truths of your life that you have not yet realized. Dreams can explore what is not part of our collective lives. It can be about what is us alone. Think of a vision not based on facts

Discipline: The Creative Group

Discipline:  The Creative Group

Backstage is like an office. You go there to do your job, not to party.  No that does not mean you cannot have fun. Good art comes from to play and daydreaming. Good work comes to form a team that can try new thing and takes chances. However like any group you need to stay on track. We are all there to do a job. That job might include creativity. 

Backstage: The Truth About Quiet Contemplation

Backstage: The Truth About Quiet Contemplation

People think being in the green room as a photographer is about something it is not.­­­ You are there to ­be quiet. Photography does do not make a sound. The green room is a spiritual place where people do not have to worry about the public judging. It is a place where people make art. Being with the artist behind closed doors is not about partying or be famous; being the photographer is all about interpreting the dialogue between artist, art, and the self-expression it implies.  Read More…

Designing Thought 28: Why We Should Say the Truth not Perspective. Essays and Novels Facts and Truths

The novel is part of the heart where the essay is part of the logical mind.  We use our hart to understand our internal world. We use the logic to contextualize that experience in the outside world. The self is an abstracted physical world, and the world is an abstracted self.  The essay looks at facts the novel look st truths.  The idea of one single truth is by definition outside of mortal reach. I would call one single truth either a … Read More

FACES 59: Insider-Outsider

Life with Asperger's is the epitome of the insider-outsider personality talked about in Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I am in the inside of the local arts and business community however I am also a social reject. On new years, I was in the green room and on the guest list. Later this week I worker made a huge deal in the grocery store about my privacy that just ended up making the people around us think that I was slow. I went to organize the touring pint show with a library. An old classmate of mine told me “how is it going big guy” Implicitly saying that he needed to go any on me. On the other hand, I have local businesses reaching out to me to partner with me. I live a double life every day. One minute I am talking to someone about something that most people wish they could achieve or conceptualize.  The next minute I am being talked to in a way that would help someone who mentality struggles would understand.

Designing Thought 27: Why We Should Say the Truth not Perspective, Part 3 — The Novel

The Noval is an argument about the world that is made in a fictional setting. Bu defines the facts are wrong. The plot has details that have never happen. However, it has thems are very real and that to affect the real world.  These themes are expressed in arguments that have just as much merit as an essay. However, they are not based on logic. These arguments are based on archetypal and subliminal truths that are communicated by storytelling. The act of storytelling is not to mislead or to entertain; it is to help people look into their hearts and find their truths.  The novel look at what we understand to be… Read more

Designing Thought 26: Why We Should Say the Truth not Perspective, Part 2 — The Essay

The essay looks at how the author sees the world about what the conscious mind can rationalize. This rationalization is a say for us to cope with what exists outside of us. We can not thoughtfully tell ourselves that the universe is completely within us. What is outside of us explain with logic. For this reason, STEM, fields are attempting to understand the most definitive language of all Logic. It is the only language without bias in it gamer. It looks at the most fundamental parts of the outside world. The uses of logic are what essays are based on all the time.  I would say the fact is a detail that can be used in a logical argument.  

New Year’s Eve 5: Pride and Circumstances

The first thing I did when I got downtown was want to the city's show to say high to the opening band. I was frustrated that I did not get the gig. More so than I would like to admit. The rain wast is terrible on gear that night, and the photographer that did shoot was not allowed on the stage. I feel sorry for him as he was stuck outside in that whether all night. He is a great guy and photographer how I have much respect for in the wedding world. He can shoot, and we were joking about getting and not getting the gig. I hope I was not to harsh in the guy. He has a great sense of humor. We both were commiserating about the weather. Looking back on it, I was too rude about it with the city staff when I tried to talk to them about not getting the gig that day. I learned that I have pride in being the photographer. It is my identity. A lesson I need to learn to be a better photographer is humility. I thought I had learned it. However, I guess I was wrong. I am trying to force my self to address arrogance where I am learning I have it.

Designing Thought 25: Why We Should Say the Truth not Perspective Part 1 — The bias of Language Itself

It is never a good idea to make something easy at the expense of quality; ease should be optimized within quilty. This goes for an attempt to share a fact without introducing our own bises. We as humans want nothing more than to escape our own individual limitations and to share an abstracted experience of the outside world as a fact. This shared experience is and will always be abstracted and nothing more. This subconscious isolation is often viewed in denial and shame. This shame can manifest into conflict both internally and interpersonally. Ture self woth and interpersonal cooperation comes from acceptance of this separation as look at from the oesractive of self-identity and individual perspectives. The abstraction of self from the world… read more