Social Deficits: Intellectual Diversity When Moral

I often fail to meet the social norm even when I logically should. Being an eccentric for the sake of being one leads to the shunning of the people you want to influence and being a social award is not an efficient use of communicating to most people.  However being social conventional will only ever get you conventional results. To be socially awarded in the right way can be synonymous with being innovatively positioned. Saying or doing something that is not socially done can be the key to success in entrepreneurship and art. The line should not be drawn where people are people stop doing what is expected, and should is placed to stop are where people get hurt. As long as you stay moral and work to make each gesture and act of good then social quirkiness is just another piece of intellectual diversity.

Bipolar Disorder: Creative and Madness

I live with the Bipolar Disorder and I have been Psychotic is the past. I have been healthy for years however they want to be more creative is always there. When I become unhealthy, the first thing that happens is I become more creative; then I have more ideas, and I can think faster. I start of notice pattern that is less obvious. Being, for lack of a better word smarter, sounds amazing and is a very tempting trap. The problem is I start to see patterns that are not there. I think so fast that my mind starts to bark down. I start to lose the sense of what is a creative idea and what is a simple fact. I start to confuse imagination with observation. I start to lose a sense of what is in my head and what is in the outside world. The archetypal idea of a siren is how creativity at it extreme in my case leads to madness.                                         

I have not had this problem of years this time of self-reflection has given me a unique perspective on creativity and perception.

Face: 60 For you in my class; This Is Why I am Socially Quaky — I What You To know how I fell about Friends and significant others.

If you are ar in my class at school no that there is smoothing, I have meant to tell you all for a long time. It is hard to say it. I wish that one of the many girls I have talked to could see what is going on in my head. I can talk to you about the many original ideas in my head. However, no one seems to be able to follow. It fell isolating. I can talk to you about having High Functioning Autism however then People talk to me like I am 5 years old. If I need to be patient with most people and wait for them to teach up then seeing them assume the need to slow down for me is jading. I see all the time in my personal life people assuming I am an idiot and to a certain extent proving that I do not work. It can come through subconsciously in how I talk to you at school. I am sorry if it makes me look like a no it all. I am quirky, and there is no way around that. I see you hear the world Asperger’s and be nervous about an outburst. I assure you I will not have a tantrum on you if you call me out on something. If anything I ask you to call me out. How can we move forward as a society without open and hard conversations? Never go easy on me. If you are lucky…read more

Faces 59: Outside in the storm, A visionary Looking in the Window to the Hearth of Social Conformity

There are valuable lesson that visionary and thought leaders never learn holy, the lesson of fitting into a group of secure social innocence. Many people look to someone else to construct a safe place to fit in and be what they are told to be. The truth is being outside the pack and looks in on it as an outsider, as a visionary, as an individual that has to change the Stacy quo, you never really fit in with anyone other than outer visionaries. This is not to say that anyone is better than anyone else of that everyone should try to be visionary. Your place in society is up to you and is beautiful regardless of where you are in relation to the pack. It is not easy to have ideas that are not communicable to many and that have jaded you in silence.  The wait of conjectures is why optimism should never be confused with innocence.   

Suffering, Artist, Asperger's, Dating

I find myself not sure when girls are filleting with me. Asperger’s would not be so bad if I listen to my rational mind and only talked to girls that can appreciate High-level atypical ideas. As a kid, I was bullied into suicidal depression. From a young age, one of my deepest desires was to escape the suffering of living outside society. I wanted to be neurotically. Wanting to fit in of cores makes no rational scene and it sure as hell won't help the world. I have gotten over it with regards to contact and friends. I am not over the want to escape the persecution for being

Designing Thought 30: Dreams vs Psychosis Part 2 — Psychosis

  We can agree that the in no factual ground to psychosis. However, for thousands of years cultures have used it to find spiritual clarity. While I am not arguing for hallucinogenics, some people will undergo psychosis no matter we do to stay healthy. Not everyone can escape it. Psychosis is a venture into the chaotic world of unconscious natives. It does not follow the language of logic. Psychosis set fictional narratives that come from our personal identity and growth.  It is what the mind does when it is so far gone that I can not make sense of the world coherently and I would never recommend inducing it, however if you have had psychosis look into the parallels of dreams.

Even With a High Abstract and Academic Reasoning, i Still Need Home Support

I live with some basic supports. I can do high-level abstract thinking fine. I can  Relate to elite academics socially. I can network and collaborate with corporate, political and industry leaders exceptionally. I have a way higher level of creativity than most people; that creatively comes with real costs. I need to take medication to keep the creativity from turning into psychosis. On an everyday level, I struggle to organize my thoughts and me home. I forget my things everywhere. I space out and do not trust my self-driving. Cleaning my apartment is very challenging as in involves talking my defeat of digitized ideas an organizing them.  I struggle with organizing things that are not photography based. For these reasons and more I live with social support.  The workers of often misinterpret their role as needing to help me understand stuff. That is not the issue if anything the source of my weirdness of that I underrated more than most. One thing I do understanding is regardless of the attitudes of certain font line workers. I need the support. I wish many people across disciplines, and social stances understood what I needed.

FACES 59: Insider-Outsider

Life with Asperger's is the epitome of the insider-outsider personality talked about in Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I am in the inside of the local arts and business community however I am also a social reject. On new years, I was in the green room and on the guest list. Later this week I worker made a huge deal in the grocery store about my privacy that just ended up making the people around us think that I was slow. I went to organize the touring pint show with a library. An old classmate of mine told me “how is it going big guy” Implicitly saying that he needed to go any on me. On the other hand, I have local businesses reaching out to me to partner with me. I live a double life every day. One minute I am talking to someone about something that most people wish they could achieve or conceptualize.  The next minute I am being talked to in a way that would help someone who mentality struggles would understand.

New Year’s Eve 4: Why I Work With Artists, The Common Story

The reason I work with artists is that we are cool or that we have fans. It is not to look cool at a party. The mind oaf a professional artist and I have worked with many artists, is a mind that needs to get ideas out all the time to be sane. We  Create a tone of great content, to help others see what humans go through, and to help prosses what we are going through internally.  Living with the need to create to stay sane is something most fans do not get.  I say this from personal experience and for what successful artists have told me.  I try to talk to people in the crowd, and I am lost for what to say. I could tell them in the image of the blog post, however there on the floor; I am lost.

People round around the musicians and compete for a meet and greet. If you could say one thing to someone how made you feel not alone in a song what would it be? Why does it mean so much to you? We all have our answer, and that is crucial and wonderful.

We connect to the art in a way that we connect to a close friend even when we feel alone. As an artist, I can talk to someone through my art in a way that I cannot ever do with a close friend. I fell alone, and I would love more close friends. The people that communicate like me, other artists, tend to be stigmatized as someone how cannot be venerable, how cannot be and must be a perfect sex symbol. All anyone at a concert wants to do is be themselves.

 The reason I work with artists is I can be myself and share my experiences with them.

New Year’s Eve 2: The Issue with Trying to be Friends With Anyone, Let Alone Girls.

 These posts will not be in the order of time in the evening but in order of how much they mean to me at the moment. I was at the Mavericks concert when I tried to talk to some girls. They told me they were going to the washroom and when they came out stated to avoid me. Have no space at all I move on and found someone I could talk to at the concert. She and I had a great talk. I could be honest with her. I found out later the night that she had a boyfriend and that I had completely miss read — five stars for the Aspergers. Then here was the real kicker. I can deal with a girl having a miscommunication with me however when I try to talk to a group of people, and they tell me I can hang with them I think that means I am good. Then when they start to

FACES 58: Armature Music and Coping

In the current dose of meds I am on I find myself lost in the sound of music in my head. It helps, to try to sing, although I do not have the technical ability to get it out. The problem is that this sound comes into my head in the early hours of the morning. Not being able to get it out when it is a convenience has multiple implications. It means that I bother people while I practice.  I can not get better and show people. Most importantly I find it hard to get out how what is in my head and that Is not good for my mental health.

Why I Talk About Asperger’s

 There were times when opening up about aspersers was scary when a voice in the back of my head is saying why. Someone of Facebook commented “Aspersers. And a host of other whispers...I thank you for bringing awareness to those not vexed...and you help those of us that are feel less like outcasts.” I decided not to clean up his gamer to show authenticity. His world let me know that what I am doing is making a difference and that makes it all worth it.

Mortality and Asperger's

Going to my grandmas today to see family. I was grappling with mortality for a young age. I know how important it is to see people before they die and we all die. Other kids never underused growing up, and I still do not relate too many people my age of the hole morality front. I want to talk to friends, family and older family. People live, and for the time they do, we need to talk to them. Focusing on nothing but work cannot come at the expense of seeing those in your life that are older.  

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Even after the conflict earlier in the day, we came back together and had a great rest of the day. Conflict does not half to be the definition of disagreement. Genuine expression is the path to peace. Our personal identity along with our expression of faith can be coexistent even when not cohesive. Peace comes with give and take between personal and public identity.

Merry Christmas.

Never go Easy on Me

I was testing some gear while my family was unwrapping gifts today when I got frustrated that they implied that it might be too much. I explained that the gear was at that point set up and that I was ready to go. One person made a comment suggesting that it might be too much for me to handle. I often see people assuming they need to go easy on me because I have Asperger's. If I can have one gift for Christmas it would be for no one to go easy on me. When I my family member said this, it hurt. I cried.  

Give an Aspie the gift of a genuine conversation and let them give you the gift of a narrow specialist. 

Merry Christmas.

Being Autistic and Trying to understand Intimacy part 1

 As someone with autism, I struggle with most people find intuitive about social skill by trial and error. I try to learn for stories. When it comes to intimacy, I am years behind. I tried to find a new story to learn from, so I am looking at romance movies. I can understand stories even if I can not understand how people socialize. All I want to see in a friend or a girlfriend is someone I can communicate with openly and someone how is no put of my the real me. I …

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Learning not to Physically Channel My New Found Inspiration Earise

I was in the car swaying an shaking her head. My dad asked me if I was OK. I was worried because of seizure looking systems are not common for me.  The truth is as I am on fewer meds my creative goes up. I was lost in a blues song that I was coming up with on the spot with the new vividness of this sensory inspiration. I was lost in imagining being at a piano playing the song that I was coming up with on the spot. I can not yet experience these daydreams without … Read More

Facebook Calling my Site Spam after I Opened up About Being Autistic

Hello as you may be thinking if you see this post on Facebook, why have I not seen anything for a month. Back in November, I was marked as spam, and delieted all post leading back to when I opened opened about autism on my photo blog. They left all posts before of talked about autism. Spam is defined by facebook as…