Faces: A project that shows what I as someone with Aspersers Sees When I look at a Faces

I have Aspersers Syndrome; think of it as autism with above average intelligence. I have to work a lot harder than others to pick up basic social queues. I want to take 30 headshots. I want to shoot and do Write up on each image for the prospective of how I perceive the human faces and expressions.


I have learned over the course my life how to survive socially. When someone dose a I do b. When X happen I do Y. When looking at people now I can get e séance of what they are felling, at least most of the time. Some emotions are easier for me to pick up. I rally struggle with fear. I want to explore how emotions look to me, in a way I can explain to others.


I want to do on-location shoots of people in places that I can understand that emotion in. I want to commutate how I see these social situations. I what to pick 10 emotions and shoot each 3 times, with 3 people in each emotions So 10 emotions with each module.


To take head shots even though I am on location. This will be in environmental settings that are minimalist. The people will often not be looking at the camera.