Colour of Fire, Heart of Music Update




Colour of Fire, Heart of Music 


And maybe after the concert I will not feel so alone.  This is a show that celebrates Music in Barrie Ontario, though the eye of a young photographer, that celebrates that act of inspiration. As a young man with Bipolar disorder an Aspergers, making keeps me sane and happy. Art Is a way of coming together as a culture and working though our personal and interpersonal trials. It also helps us celebrate the good in the world. We love, bond, build maybe after the concert I will not feel so alone.      

Featuring, Barrie's Street Performers ProgramThe Antiqueens,  The MysticsThe Noolands, this show depicts musicians    and more, the show has been so far part of the Focus on Simcoe Photo Festival, and will be at the following thought the nest few months the creative space  for June and July,  Casa Cappuccino for August, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences for September,  Barrie City Hall Rotunda for November.