If you have checked my website over the past month,  you will noticed that the blog was added to for the last little bit. Over the past few weeks I spent some serious time thinking about what I wanted to do with my photography going forward. Now also keep in mind that I’m in a full-time photography program that was on strike. With my free time I started by finishing my assignments that had been assigned thus far. I then spent a week networking and spent the final week and a half of the strike campaigning to end the strike to prevent me from being in school longer than necessary; I want to be able to spend my summers doing music photography.  I’ve been back in school for a week and a half now and while I cannot physically pull off the late night the music photography and school at the same time.  I will be doing music photography over the summer. In the meantime while I’m in school, I have a major photography project I’m just starting. The nature of this project is that I will not have any photographs immediately or possibly in the next few weeks once it takes off there will be some seriously cool work. I will keep you updated on this new project very shortly continue to update as a goes along. On this blog I will be posting work as it comes up, stories from people I meet during this project, as well as some work from school.