Outline for 2 min speech on Adverting

1 get you to trust (Now to live up to my last presentation)

 2 get you to visualize what I will be talking about (Take 10 seconds to think of 3 words to describe this image)

 3 Proclaiming the premise (By the time you thought of the first thing in this list you already have your full opinion on what is shown in the image.)

 4 The Framework( You have 3 basic parts to how uses  see an image. The first is looking at the image. The second is a mess of complex illogical instincts:  dream, narrative, emotion, and so on.)

 5 Starting to hint at what I am doing (This is true for any piece of art, propaganda, or ­­­­­­advertisement.)

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Social Anxiety About Hurting People with a Lack Social Cues

For any young man talking to girls is hard. We just do not understand everything that goes on in their head. For me, I find my self confused when I look at the action that most people take talking to girls. I want to get into a relationship however the lack of social cues leads to severe anxiety about accidentally hurting someone. I want to find a single girl to be in a relationship with. I find that it is hard enough to make friends start with.  I have met many a girl that I would gladly pour my art for however, I do not have the social skill to have a non-business relationship. Most of my friends alone started a business relationship.

I need for the Body Image to be about Personality not Sex in Photography

I was a class last week where I said to the group that one or the group members would bake an interesting person to a portrait of. The room immediately sexualized that comment even though it was not meant that way. This post is a critique of our public view of the role of a portrait and how we view understanding someone visually. As a photographer, I am fascinated by how people look. It to not whether anyone body is better than essence another of even about the body at all. Everyone had the essence to them which is infinite time more important. We know this however we still use images to show the physical and even sexual over the identity.  Yes, it takes more skill and understanding to capture the essence of an individual. The role of a professional photographer understands how to capture the intricacies individual and collectives that are shaping the world in any way. This is a far cry from anything sexual however the industry and the North American culture muddles this distraction, unfortunately.

Asperger's pros ans cons

Having Asperger’s makes many things easier however makes many things harder. It is easy to have the drive and to working something no one else is building. It relay helps in building new ideas. On the other hand, it is next to impossible to understand how to make basic friendships.  It can an immense challenge to organize my everyday living and to fit into regular social groups. It is easy to talk to people when working on a problem that needs solving or idea that needs bleeding. You feel socially isolated and want meaningful friendships.

Artificial Creativity: Part 3 Your Image is You: Owning Your Image Not What You do with it

Like other innovation through history. The railroads connected us and controlled the exchange of product services. The railroad makes the last major connection of the image. They can bring what an individual of business creates and send it to another entity. What is different about the internet is for the first time it is not the major connection of one image to another, the internet image and the other. Internet company's control the image its self. This has all sorts of implications. Your image is how you are and should be the curator of your image and of you, not the mindless cog in wheal siphoning your identity.

Trying to Understand A Girl as Someone with Asperger's

There is a girl that I know that I think is checking me out when I see her. This does not bother me however when I try to talk to here she just looks at me and does not say anything. I can ask here to talk to means she chooses not to. That is her choice and  I can replace that. I am confused as for why she keeps checking me out. I am trying to understand why she looks at me the say she does. I think she wants something to change however I do not know what. Is he does why does she keep checking me out? All I want is to have an open convention with me.

The Tree of Jung's Shadows

Carl Jung said “the routs of the human shadow reach all the way to hell” The shadow refers to the dark evil side of us. I would rephrase this. I would say evil is the seed of a tree of which the trunk is the confusion of fact truth. The fruit of this tree is a human shadow. This structure comes us in literature in all sorts of ways. Form the development of characters to the arrangement of semiotics. An example of this structure is the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. I will the calm weather this ever happened or not in history. I will say that the story is a physical map of the human shadow and its place in the border psyche. As a child as you learn your own personal original sin, the act of losing innocence, you taste your own shadow and loss the place of article bliss. It the act of showing us your own psyche and its place in the world that make stories so compelling.

Restarting Faces

I got heat form someone in my personal life for the post of sexual understanding. At that point, I spent some time thinking about how I wanted to go forwarded with that autism thing. For this, I have not posted lately. I see in my website analytics that the posts of autism are still the most popular. This is cool as we need to have a conversation on it.  I will be posting to the blogs every day.

Sleep Tight Art Show

Sleep Tight Art Show

I had the honor I seeing the opening of Sleep Tight. It is an art exhibit on sleep across cultures and history. It includes the work of many students for the fine art program as well as peace form the Museum and Gallery Studies Program.  The show is curated by the Museum and Gallery Studies Students as well.  I was not in the show just to clarify.  I suggest you check out the show and see the interpretations of the subject matter. You can see it at Georgian Colleges Barrie Campus Gallery in D building.

Looking for Artist: Part 3 Building Humanity Together

When looking for an artist you want someone how can work with the edge of the group. Someone how has a foot in the game of social cohesiveness and with one foot in the unknown. The is not just about looking at uncharted territory it is about knowing how to lead people into the jungle and knowing that the arts can paint the path through. I see the world live and it will till it dies. As long as people can build on us then our contributions stay alive. The idea of creating what can be built and improved on by others is what makes art something the viewer can relate to and want to bey into.

Conversation with People

I try to talk to people at the arts campus I am at, and many of them will not even answer to me saying hi. I just want to be a friend. I admit I am not sure how to start a conversation with them. I can start a convention with Professional artist and CEO’s I can start a business conversation.  I can talk about anything when there is a logical purpose. Ideas in the abstract I can handle If is next to impossible for me to carry a convention that is about what people my age want to talk about for fun at a community college. It is not that it is beneath me; it is that it is harder for me to navigate small talk then it is to distance a Ph.D. thesis.

Artificial Creativity: Part 2 Describing the Virtual Collective Unconscious.  

The internet an immense about of computers all doing a single function in the grand scheme. These computers are linked by a set of wires sending signals back between the computers.  This is a similar set of electrical process that goes on in the brain. While different patterns in brains lead to different personalities you can use those patterns on the internet to look at how we organize the personality of the internet.  This is a psycho-analytic theory not a result of a set of study based on data. The ways we can you use neuro-structure model the internet can help us understand the native of the collective in the information age.