Truth vs Reson

Reson is abstracted truth

Just as Truth is abstracted Reson


There is no such thing as the impossible

Only the inability to reckon with ones own image


It is only after we see the reflection of physics,

when we look past are perception of what can be.

What we can know of universe is abstracted self

Just as what we can know of  self is abstracted universe

Facebook Is Discriminating Against Me

Over a month ago I was sitting in class and was about to post to my blog when I was told that my website went against Facebook’s community standers. I looked went to see why and all they would say is that I was spam. I am a photographer that looks that the human heart and mortal life that artist live.  I have been blogging about what is it like to live with autism and ideas on creativity. I look at everyday challenges, philosophy my professional music, fine art editorial photography. I feel that as soon as I opened up with being autistic Facebook band my website and blog.  

Love and Being Honest with Her

 I found myself looking at why I was flirting with someone. I needed someone how I saw as a really good photographer. That would be nice. However, I need someone how cares about me the way I am, not for just my photography. I need to ask some tough questions to myself and open up to someone I know. I do not share everything on this blog, and I need to know that the whole set of struggles I have with autism and bipolar disorder I have are with her.    

ASD and Needing Sleep

I can function quite well 99% of the time; some people cannot even tell if  I have ASD. However, when I get tired I start to exhibit traits that are characteristics of lover functioning ASD. I went work on school today after being up all night. I did fine until I fell asleep. When I weak up a couple of hours later, I was not functioning; I can stay up late and faction. However, when once I fall asleep I need a good 8 hours a night to function over a more a few days.

Autism and Leadership

I am often told, explicitly and implicitly, that because I have ASD I cannot lead people. While there are technical things I struggle with such as: reading the people I am working within may contexts; speaking concisely about ideas that need to be addressed; understanding when people need space to do their own work and more. I can do things most people cannot; conceptualizing a non typical path for a group; logically sorting though puzzle of influence; creativity and the ability to envision what…

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