After Signing. 

Once you have signed the release, you can get the images through email. You will get an email from If you can’t find the email in your inbox, look for “WeTransfer”—that’s the platform we use to share files. 

 Choosing Images To Sell 

So, now you have the photos and your‘re ready to start making money. Pick your top five pictures. (if you want us to send more pictures to choose from, we can). Once you have your nine favourites, upload them at the bottom of the page using the file uploader.  Then you will get high-res copies of those images.

Your Band's Storefront 

Once you have selected your images, you will get a store on the Vasoff Music Group Website. This store will let you sell those images as skins for almost any model of computer, tablet, or phone. People can also make custom orders. This will all be done form a URL we’ll give you upon signing. This URL can be branded as your store, and you can say you have been signed to the Vasoff Music Group.